Advertising Opportunities

Want to reach an audience that's passionate about energy-efficient construction? People who are contemplating building their own Passivhaus in a cold climate?

We can help you create attractive display ads, aimed at the discerning/fussy customer who normally doesn't click on display ads. Andrea has been a professional web designer since 1995 and can help you reach your market.

I should add that we are not above accepting free or reduced-price construction products in exchange for publicity on this blog, assuming the product meets our performance criteria. Contact us to find out just how low we're willing to stoop in order to help pay for this house (hint: not very).

Yes, I'm being tongue-in-cheek here, but I expect to grow this site into a formidable resource for people building passive (or passive-ish) houses in North America. More and more people are starting to understand the need for truly energy-efficient construction — let's work together to reach this ever-growing market.