Recommended Books

by Mike Guertin and Rick Arnold
Taunton Press, 2002
Andrea says:
“ Aimed at both experienced and novice framers, this book contains a wealth of best practices for production framing. The emphasis is on saving time without sacrificing accuracy, and vice versa. ”
by Rob Thallon
Taunton Press, 2009
Andrea says:
“ Drawings drawings drawings... this book has clear diagrams of nearly every framing detail you could think of. ”
by Aidan Chopra
Wiley Publishing, 2010
Andrea says:
“ I suppose it's possible to learn how to use Google SketchUp only by using the online tutorials, but this book helped me scale the learning curve much more quickly. ”
by Amy Johnston
Shube Publishing, 2008
Andrea says:
“ This isn't a DIY book but rather a guide to navigating the construction process in general. The author is a veteran construction project manager with heaps of good advice about planning and completing big jobs, working with contractors and subs (even when they're flaky or downright dishonest), and so forth. I recommend it for anyone who is undertaking a major construction or renovation project, with or without a contractor. ”
by R. J. DeCristoforo
Sterling, 2007
Andrea says:
“ I still haven't finished reading this behemoth, but it will definitely go on my list of building books to bring to a desert island. With clearly-written text and color illustrations, it covers all the steps of building a house: foundation, framing, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, and everything in between. And at 656 pages long, it will work well to hold down tarps. ”
The Journal of Light Construction, 2011
Andrea says:
“ This book came out too late in our building process to be of particular use, but it looks like a must-read. ”