Interior photos at last!

Submitted by Andrea on September 11, 2012

My parents came to visit this weekend, so I borrowed my dad's camera to take some interior shots (the wide-angle lens on my iPhone is a bit sub-par). Yes, the house is a mess. We just moved, after all! If my mom could handle it, I'm sure you can. Here's the main downstairs view, just after you walk in the front door. The curved staircase is from York Spiral Stair in Maine. And here's the same view from one floor up. It's a little hard to see in the photo, but the ceiling vaults upward toward the south windows. The closed-off area on top is a utility loft containing our solar inverter and heat recovery ventilator. The 2x4 barnyard-style railing around the atrium is temporary — the eventual railing will match the stair railing and balusters. Below is the opposite view, taken from the office area below the utility loft. The windowy area on the right (with the uninstalled door) will be an indoor garden space, taking advantage of the eastern and southern exposures. The clerestory windows along the hallway will bring south light into the guest bedroom. Here's a view from the bedroom at the end of the hall, looking south at the indoor garden area. The two rooms will be separated by glass doors, bringing south light into the bedroom. (I kept the north windows quite small.) The loft space above the garden area will be accessible by a ladder. Ted and I dubbed it the "Manatee cave." Back downstairs, here's a peek into the kitchen. My mom is doing an admirable job ignoring the huge mess everywhere! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you construction geeks out there. Here's the hot water heater (hooked up to a solar collector), in the utility room near the back door: And behold the mighty HRV ductopus in the utility loft upstairs: Finally, a photo of the elusive Andrea (me!) in front of my treasured 1938 Deagan Imperial marimba, out of storage at last: