Head boppage averted!

Submitted by Andrea on June 26, 2012

Due to a last-minute change in roof pitch (my fault), we wound up with a structural beam at perfect head-bopping height at the top of our garage stairs. But today it was fixed! Eric (6'-3") and Eli (5'-7") plan out the surgery: Don't worry — we didn't carve out an LVL without checking first with a structural engineer. Eli consulted with engineer Ben onsite several months ago, shortly after the garage was built. Ben had a good laugh at our error and told Eli where he could safely cut. "What's the problem here? This header height seems fine!" (At 5'-6", I wouldn't have had a problem either. But I would not have enjoyed seeing Ted bump his head several times a day.) Post-op photo: It cleaned up real nice, no?