Submitted by Andrea on June 7, 2011

After months (years?) of theoretical house planning, suddenly everything is progressing at top speed. Eli (the local builder/architect) is trying to hurry our job along so it will fit into his crew's schedule, which means we're suddenly moving very very fast.

In the last few weeks we:

  • Completely revised the floor plan, obliterating roughly 500 square feet
  • Reversed the roofline
  • Revamped the windows
  • Committed to a pier foundation
  • Cut down several more trees (*sigh*)
  • Broke ground!

Just today Ted had very long conversations with both Eli and to Marc, working out the roof assembly (24" I-joists) and many other issues. More talking needs to occur, but much progress was made.

I'm completely wired/exhausted from all of this, and I still have heaps to do. The good news is that we seem to be heading in a good direction. After only a day of excavation the site looks downright buildable, albeit in a Vermonty ledge-riddled way. And I prefer the smaller floorplan, even though we bid adieu to our walk-in closet. (Resale value? Bah!)

Photos, floorplans, renderings -- all coming soon!