Dig our crazy pier foundation!

Submitted by Andrea on June 10, 2011

That's what we told our excavator! [rimshot]

But seriously, our foundation design looks like Eastern European public art:

That top section is a grade beam, and the long/wide sections are pinned to ledge. In fact, nearly every one of the footings will be pinned to ledge. (For you flatlanders out there, ledge is the rocky substrate frequently lurking below the topsoil in hilly regions like New England.)

So far they've formed most of the footings, and the plan is to pour the footings early next week and then pressure-wash the whole area to clear away the organic material (AKA dirt). The piers will get formed and poured after that.

Ted will surely post more about the hows and whys of our foundation, and we'll put up pictures as well.